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Setting up your namespace in Kubeflow

This guide is for Kubeflow users who are logging in to Kubeflow for the first time. The user may be the person who deployed Kubeflow, or another person who has permission to access the Kubeflow cluster and use Kubeflow.

Introduction to namespaces

Depending on the setup of your Kubeflow cluster, you may need to create a namespace when you first log in to Kubeflow. Namespaces are sometimes called profiles or workgroups.

Kubeflow prompts you to create a namespace under the following circumstances:

  • For Kubeflow deployments that support multi-user isolation: Your username does not yet have an associated namespace with role bindings that give you administrative (owner) access to the namespace.
  • For Kubeflow deployments that support single-user isolation: The Kubeflow cluster has no namespace role bindings.

If Kubeflow doesn’t prompt you to create a namespace, then your Kubeflow administrator may have created a namespace for you. You should be able to see the Kubeflow central dashboard and start using Kubeflow.


Your Kubeflow administrator must perform the following steps:

Creating your namespace

If you don’t yet have a suitable namespace associated with your username, Kubeflow shows the following screen when you first log in:

Profile creation step 1

Click Start Setup and follow the instructions on the screen to set up your namespace. The default name for your namespace is your username.

After creating the namespace, you should see the Kubeflow central dashboard, with your namespace available in the dropdown list at the top of the screen:

Kubeflow central UI

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