Author KFP components

Components are the building blocks of KFP pipelines. A component is a remote function definition; it specifies inputs, has user-defined logic in its body, and can create outputs. When the component template is instantiated with input parameters, we call it a task.

KFP provides two high-level ways to author components: Python Components and Container Components.

Python Components are a convenient way to author components implemented in pure Python. There are two specific types of Python components: Lightweight Python Components and Containerized Python Components.

Container Components expose a more flexible, advanced authoring approach by allowing you to define a component using an arbitrary container definition. This is the recommended approach for components that are not implemented in pure Python.

Importer Components are a special “pre-baked” component provided by KFP which allows you to import an artifact into your pipeline when that artifact was not created by tasks within the pipeline.

Lightweight Python Components

Create a component from a self-contained Python function

Containerized Python Components

Create Python components with more complex dependencies

Container Components

Create a component via an arbitrary container definition

Special Case: Importer Components

Import artifacts from outside your pipeline

Additional Functionality

More information about authoring KFP components


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